Digital Auditing Wrenches

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Fasteners must be torqued to their specified rating to ensure safety, reliability, and functionality. Moreover, to make sure that the torqued fasteners are in their specified rating, engineers employ auditing wrenches to double-check the work done in the assembly line. These digital auditing wrenches give engineers answers to problems encountered in the assembly line that can be rectified quickly and efficiently.

Quickly Rectify Problems with Digital Auditing Wrenches

Finding problems before it becomes the customer’s issues is imperative to providing a quality product. It is effortless to lose a customer and challenging, if not impossible, to retain that customer because of quality issues. It is more cost-effective to make sure the products are of their highest quality rather than cutting corners.

The use of mobile calibration carts for daily tool calibration will help mitigate some quality problems, but an actual digital auditing wrench will be the one to use when there is a problem. The wrench will be used by the engineers to find the problem area so that they can make a solution quickly and easily.

There are options to have both a standalone unit or one that is wireless capable. The desired capabilities depend on the situation that the digital auditing wrench will be in. If the wrench is to be used by engineers to spot check fasteners, a standalone unit is fine. Wireless units might be used as part of the production line so that data can be downloaded to a computer.

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