Positioning Systems

PA506-OM Standard Duty Overhead Positioning System for In-Line, Air ScrewdriversD53 Linear ArmTap Arm, 1 HP Air Powered Tap Motor, BILZ Tap Chuck and Air PrepD53 X/Y Axle
D53 X/Y AxlePA815-DF Heavy Duty Positioning System with Automatic Down Force Assistance for In-Line, Lever-Permit Air DriversD53 Folded ArmPA806-DF Medium Duty Positioning System with Automatic Down Force Assistance for In-line, Lever-Permit Air Screwdrivers

Positioning systems can be a simple balancer to fully-featured smart positioning arms that can track tool position. These systems allow workers to do more work with less effort and stress.

Tap Arm Positioning SystemD53 X/Y Axle Positioning SystemPA506-OM Standard Duty Overhead Positioning System for In-Line, Air ScrewdriversD57 Balancing Arms

Ergonomic Arms

Optimizing workstations by using tools and designs to allow operators to work safer, effectively, and efficiently. Ergonomic arms are a type of positioning system that can do several jobs to optimize the workstation. The arms hold the tool at the proper hand position to reduce worker fatigue and increase comfort. With the appropriate tool position, operators can work more efficiently by wasting less time and movement. The exerted effort to use the tool is lowered because the ergonomic arm counter-balances the tool. The potential benefits with positioning systems include reduced repetitive stress injuries, reduced operator fatigue, increased productivity, improved quality, decreased handling time, greater operator satisfaction, and lower recruitment costs.


Balancers hold tools weightlessly throughout the entire cable length to help your operator’s ergonomics. The balancer allows your operators to have higher precision without the strain of having to move a heavy tool. Operators can work more effectively and efficiently during their shift. These balancers can be used with any pneumatic, electric, hydraulic, or other tools and easily positioned over the work station.

Desoutter ZG/DF BalancerDesoutter D/S BalancerDesoutter HU BalancerDesoutter DSB Balancer