Digital Data Wrenches

E-Pulse with Cordless FreedomRadio Equipped Exacta 2 Digital Data WrenchTCI Multi Lineside ControllerRadio Equipped Holding Wrenches
ClickTronic 'Industrial' Mushroom RatcheCordless Mechanical Pulse ToolIQWrench2 Digital Data WrenchGlobal Host Torque Data Repository
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To achieve a high level of standards that consumers want, manufacturers need to create products that can meet those standards. One way of meeting those standards is by making sure threaded fasteners are correctly torqued down. Digital data wrenches can be employed either as the production tool or the digital auditing tool to make sure the production tools are still calibrated.

IQWrench2 Digital Data WrenchWireless Error Proofing Process Monitor/ControllersClickTronic 'Industrial' Mushroom RatcheRadio Equipped Exacta 2 Digital Data Wrench

Manual Digital Wrenches

Assembling products with proper torque values ensures that your product is safe, reliable, and, most importantly, stays put together. With the addition of computer control, these digital wrenches can be set to the proper torque settings and collect data on tool usage. Quality improves by giving operators tools that are more precise, less error-prone, and easier to use.