Intelligent Fastening

Ohtake FME-36 Screw PresenterOhtake NSB Screw PresenterOhtake OM-26M Handheld Screw PresenterOhtake MSF Micro Screw PresenterOhtake OM-26 Screw PresenterOhtake LV Screw Presenter

Screw Counting

Increase productivity and quality with an automated system to help operators.

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Ergonomic Tool Arm (ETA) Pneumatic TaparmDesoutter Folded Arm Torque Reaction ArmsErgonomic Tool Arm (ETA) for Pneumatic Tool with DownforceDesoutter DSB BalancerOverhead Ergonomic Tool Arm (ETA) for Pneumatic ToolDesoutter Balancing Arms

Positioning Systems

Decrease worker fatigue and increase worker satisfaction by using ergonomic aids.

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Bosch EXACT ION Pistol GripDesoutter SLBN Inline ScrewdriverPanasonic AccuPulse HR SeriesBosch C-EXACT Electric ScrewdriversPanasonic Clutch Screwdriver KitDesoutter B-FLEX Cordless Pistol Grip

DC Tools

Electronic production tools from screwdrivers to impact wrenches.

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Sturtevant Richmont DTC Interchangeable Head Digital Torque and Angle WrenchGedore TORCOTRONIC Electronic Torque WrenchCrane WrenchStar Digital Torque WrenchSturtevant Richmont EXACTA 2 Digital Torque and Angle WrenchCrane IQWrench 2 Opta Intelligent Digital Torque WrenchNorbar NorTronic Electronic Torque Wrench

Digital Data Wrenches

Audit production lines to achieve high levels of standard in production.

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