Rivet & Rivnut Guns

Lobster N1A2 Pneumatic Rivnut GunsLobster R1B1/R1B2 Cordless RiveterLobster N1A2 Pneumatic Nut Rivet SetterLobster R1B1/R1B2 Cordless Riveter
Lobster R1A1/R1A2 Pneumatic Rivet GunsLobster N1A2 Pneumatic Nut Rivet SetterNut RivetLobster N1A2 Pneumatic Rivnut Guns

Rivets are lightweight permanent fasteners typically used for sheet metal applications. These rivets usually only need access to one side of the part or structure. Rivet nuts (rivnuts) are rivets designed to give sheet-metal a place to have threaded bolt-holes. This is an ideal replacement to weld nuts because rivet nut installation will not distort the sheet-metal, eliminate weld splatter, toxic fumes, and other welding by-products. These rivets can be applied to a variety of materials such as wood, plastic, and fiberglass, in addition to metal. Installing these rivets and rivnuts requires the use of a rivet & rivnut guns, respectively.

Rivet & Rivnut Guns

Rivet and rivnut guns come in manual, pneumatic, and cordless electric versions available. These tools are ergonomically designed for all-day use by being lightweight, easy to use, and quiet. Rivet guns have interchangeable nose pieces to accommodate a large variety of rivets sizes and types. Rivnut guns have interchangeable screw mandrels and nose pieces to accommodate a variety of rivnuts. Rivnut guns also have stroke adjustments for different material thicknesses.

During production, manually feeding rivets is a viable option if production is low volume or intermittent. For high-volume production, a feeder is necessary to decrease cycle times. These rivet feeders are similar to the screw presenters and screw feeders used by torque drivers.

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