Manual Torque Tools

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Digital Torque Wrench

Quick and accurate torque wrenches that can communicate with either a controller or a computer, either wirelessly or via a cable, these manual torque tools either be used in the production line to properly torque fasteners or used by engineers as an auditing torque wrench for quality assurance. Models can range from simple mechanics wrenches to production-rated tools that are for all day, everyday use.

Preset Torque Wrench

These simple wrenches are for production-line efficiency. Operators only need to pick up the wrench and use it; it’s setting has been preset from the factory. Preset torque wrenches are cost-effective solutions for production lines that need multiple torque wrenches but have a limited budget.

Gedore Industrial Breaking Manual Torque ToolsNorbar Industrial Breaking Torque WrenchGedore Breaking Torque WrenchGedore Industrial Breaking Torque Wrench
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Adjustable Torque Wrench

Be more versatile by being able to use the same torque wrench for multiple applications. Adjustable torque wrenches can be digital or analog, clickers, permanent or interchangeable heads, beam types, and a multitude of other options that can suit the work environment.

Interchangeable Torque Wrench Heads

The adaptability to change to several different types of socket drive sizes, fastener types, and offsets and angles. The adaptability allows for the same torque wrench to be used for multiple applications or customized for a specific application. Interchangeable heads are lower cost than buying another torque wrench.

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For small and delicate applications such as electronics assembly where a large manual torque tool is just too big, and torque ranges too high, a torque screwdriver is best. With the appropriate torque ranges, operators can safely assemble small parts without worrying about destroying parts or under torquing parts for fear of destroying parts.