High Torque Gear Multipliers

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A multiplier is a much safer and compact method than using an extended “cheater bar”. A multiplier can apply higher torque than what is ordinarily possible and allows an operator to use their regular torque tool for a high torque application. A multiplier usually has ratios of 5:1, 25:1, and 125:1. There are models for hand torque tools which are ideal for low volume or intermittent use, and models for powered torque tools. A simple formula is used to achieve the proper torque rating desired.

Manual High Torque Gear Multipliers

The use of manual multiplier allows for workers to use smaller torque wrenches which are much easier and safer to use and transport. Fasteners that need high torque require torque wrenches to have long handles to achieve the required torque. The compactness also allows for workers to apply torque in small, cramp places. With no power required, manual high torque gear multipliers are perfect for work environments where electricity is neither in easy reach, cumbersome, or impossible. Manual torque multipliers are great for low volume or intermittent use.

Powered High Torque Gear Multipliers

Accurately apply high torque to threaded fasteners easily and faster than manual multipliers. Electronic torque control provides a level of control on hard through soft joints that can be within +/- 3%. There are also options of pneumatic high torque gear multipliers, with repeatability of +/- 5%. These tools are great in a production setting where there will be many threaded fasteners. These tools can easily be calibrated, and their accuracy checked.