Screw Presenters

Ohtake LSOhtake MSF Micro Screw PresenterOhtake FME-36Ohtake OM-26M Handheld Screw Presenter
Ohtake FME-36 Screw PresenterOhtake LS-HM Screw PresenterOhtake NSB Screw PresenterOhtake NSB

These screw presenters are perfect for most levels of manufacturing while giving operators the versatility they need to assemble the parts quickly and efficiently. Operators no longer need to manually set up and use an open bin or a shaker tray for their screws which reduce operator error, increase productivity, and allow for quality control and documentation. The semi-automation provides for features such as screw counting, screw presenting at the same location, and the ability to serve multiple operators.

Screw Presenters Support Variety of Screws

Screw Presenters can support a wide range of screws and other items. Supported screws include small electronic assembly screws to large bolts and screws with captive washers. There are also models of screw presenters that will support nuts, rivets, and specialized custom-made screws. If you want to use a screw presenter for your application, contact us, and we can work with you.

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