Screw Feeding Systems

Visumatic VLB-900-PS Locking Bit Pistol Grip with Automatic Screw Feeding SystemOhtake LS-HM Screw PresenterVisumatic VSC-900Ohtake FME-36 Screw Presenter
Visumatic VLB-900-M Mini with Screw Feeding SystemOhtake MHP-80 Screw Hooper for Screw PresenterVisumatic Custom Feeder Systems & EscapementsOhtake NSB Screw Presenter
Multi-Spindle Conveyor Line Station with Screw Feeding SystemOhtake OM-26M Handheld Screw PresenterVLB-900-M Mini - Precision Mini-ScrewdriverOhtake NSB Screw Presenter
Ohtake FM-36 Screw PresenterOhtake NSB Screw PresenterOhtake LS-HM Screw PresenterOhtake LS-HM Screw Presenter

Desktop Mounted Screw Feeding System

These screw feeding systems are perfect for most levels of manufacturing while giving operators the versatility they need to assemble the parts quickly and efficiently. Operators no longer need to manually set up and use an open bin or a shaker tray for their screws, which reduce operator error, increase productivity, and allow for quality control and documentation. The semi-automation allows for features such as screw counting, screw presenting at the same location, and the ability to serve multiple operators.

Automated assembly lines can also incorporate desktop screw feeders. These cost-effective screw feeders are perfect for putting into work cells because of their small size, and this makes the work cell more compact and space-efficient. Screws go through a pneumatic feed line, which means that the screw feeder can be placed into the bottom of a work cell.

Tool Mounted Screw Feeding System

To support high volume assembly, dedicated tools with dedicated screw feeders are necessary. Operators do not need to take the time and energy to get new screws every time they need one because a screw is already available at the tip of their tool ready for use. A tool mounted screw feeder reduces clutter in workstations allowing for better ergonomics, decreased operator error, and higher quality control.

Screw feeding systems can accommodate a large variety of screw types and other items. Screw types can include wood screws, lag bolts, machine screws, screws with captive washers, and flanged screws. Other items include plastic pins, snap rings, solder rings, washers, nuts, and brazing rings.

Feeders can be customized to include tool nosepieces to be able to reach hard-to-reach or awkward areas. These nosepieces are for applications where the torque tool does not have the clearance to the assembly point.

Visumatic Handheld Screw Feeding SystemOhtake BS-D Tool-Mounted Screw PresenterVisumatic VLB-900-M Mini with Screw Feeding SystemVIN-R Ring Application System with Automatic Screw Feeding System

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