Bits & Sockets

Security Torx Bits Extra Long Universal Joint Tension Socket Specialized Phillips Bits Socket Bit Insert
Extra Long Thin Wall Socket Universal Joint Adapter Socket Nutsetters Impact Torx Bits
Impact Phillips Bits Copper Beryllium Bit Holder Extra Long Universal Joint Bit Socket Slotted Bit
Impact Torx Bit Impact Hexagon Bit Phillips Bit for Manufacturing Stainless Steel Phillips Bit


Securely fasten screws with the correct bit for the job. These bits are designed for the high-precision and high-torque requirements of production lines while lowering the overall costs of production. With the correct alloys, heat treatment, and improved designs, bits can last longer and do less damage to screw heads. There is a multitude of bit types for any kind of application available, from general purpose Phillips to tamper-proof Tri-Wings.


Industrial grade impact sockets are available in a wide range of lengths and wall thickness and with single or double hex openings. Square drive openings are available in select sizes. Options with magnets, surface drive, and lead-in sockets are available to suit the needs of the production line.

Universal Joint Bit Socket Surface Drive Socket Magnetic Socket Magnetic Socket for Self-Tapping Screws
Extra Long Universal Joint Tension Socket Universal Joint Socket Adapter Extra Long Universal Joint Tension Socket Double Universal Joint Socket Adapter

Adapters & Extensions

Limited access areas require tools that can be used to reach the fasteners there but still be able to torque the fastener sufficiently. Extensions give operators the ability to reach these fasteners quickly. Adapters allow the use of sockets in other square drive sizes without having to purchase a duplicate tool for that square drive size. Swivel adapters can allow operators to reach fasteners in out-of-reach.

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